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Lol replay, bug splat

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LKG DjRagnarok

Junior Member


I recently got Lol replay and have successfully gotten it to record a few of my games. However in the process of trying to view one of these games today i have run into a problem. Whenever i try to watch a video the game starts to load and its shows everyone in the loading screen but suddenly after maybe 4-8 seconds into the footage the client crashes and i get a bug splat error message. Does anyone know how to fix it or is it one of those bugs that has been going around and corrupting videos for youtubers like JITP, Colby, or Redmercy? Help is you know what is going on please and thank you

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Senior Member


I know they are working on updating the software. Something to do with the new patch to league of legends. Check their website for more information.

Have fun!