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If there is any need to buff her, I think it would be her passive and her W.

I think if ebb and flow also took movement speed from enemies hit it would make her perfect, and MAYBE increasing ebb and flows bounces as you rank it up. So at level 3 it bounces 4 times and at 5 it bounces 5 times. You could also lower the base jumps to 2 and then have it increase up to 4 bounces if it turned out to be a problem.

Her ultimate, to me, is awesome and her Q is fine as is. There is no reason to change them. Her E, if anything may need more of a visual upgrade, or people need to know how to apply it and just need to practice on who to use it on when. I know with me Ive been trying putting it on tanks at the begining of teamfights so they slow and do a hit more damage then use it on the carry.

But Im in bronze right now, I dont know about high levels of play.

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I think she is very hard to balance.
Her kit concept is really powerful (almost toxic): Hard CC on main kit, Heal, Soft CC booster for ADC, Small MS for passive, and huge area Hard + soft CC.

If her CC would be easy to hit then why would you use Taric or Sona over her?
But when her CC are such unreliable (Better CC than her Q provide Ez with iceborn way harder to dodge, and bigger AoE (at least that what Riots want to repair now)) as now then why to use her over other supports. (at least her Tidal wave can give some decent disengagement and zone control (for sure it is awful initiation tool)).

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She's pretty good, however has a very high skill ceiling.

The only thing she could use is a bit more range on her ult. I'd love it to be global like Ashe's arrow, but that could be pushing it.

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Wider radius on the q.. <3

As a support, I know what you mean. I love fishgirl, and it'd be awesome if her bubble had a wider radius. But to keep her balanced, I think it's good as is. It's a hefty cc thats an AoE. If you have good ward coverage and you're smart about it, you could get a whole lot of people in that bubble. Her q is meant to be a challenge to land.

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Dark Kuno

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After the boost to her base movement speed and the reduced CD on Q Nami is in a good place.

She has good targeted sustain that also serves as harass.

She has 2 hard CC's in her Q and Ult. Both are exceptionally good at both initiating a fight or disengaging.

Because of these, she can function well in either passive or aggressive laning match-ups because of the versatility of her kit.

Her passive is a bit weak. And her E could use a bit of a buff as well. Honestly, I think all both need is a slight buff to their respective durations.

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My insight

Well im an advid user of nami, and from what i have learned she paires best with that use heavy melee, and dont rely on mana, such as Draven, Vayne.... You lead the attack by doing pop shots with your ebb and flow(E&F).

When you get the bubble use only when you know your gonna get the pop. best with draven and vayne who can capitalize quick or if they got some pinned down; bubble to add to their stuns. Then give them Tidal callers blessing to increase their damage, and slow the enemy, by then you should be able to lead in again with another E&F. This is an aggressive support build. Doesnt mean you stay in the fight.. you just Do pop shots, and stuns you dont "Ever" engage with your melee E&F should be maxed out 1st ASAP since this is your bread and butter. tidal callers 2nd max quickly, ult, then Bubble

I run mine

20 1st page, 0 2nd page, 10 3rd page

Quines - money
marks - ap
seals - money + 1 managen
glyphs either mana regen or mana plus

Summoner Spell
Mana regen - Teleport (i use)
Heal - Mana Regen

- Start off with Mana manipulator & 1 sight ward (make it count {stay in bush})
- then Philly stone, (sight wards)
- sightstone
- Kages Lucky pick
- boots of swiftness
Then build how you want from there.

- E&F
- TB
- E&F
- Bubble
- Max E&F