new rank system

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Rebel Ice

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trap in elo hell forever i fell with the new system even if i do really really good in a game i just went 13/4 with xin and still lost the game one people cannot make the diference i feel like i dont gain anymore points and them if i reach the point of promotion i have to play and there will be allways one person that doesnt wanna listen and die.
i wonder if there would be a way to not be punish so hard like if we get a dc the points lost shouldnt count or something, or even if u do good and see ur stats on the game and see where u really are meant to be.
i fell like if u doing really good in games but losing is cause u dont comunicate with team or they refuse to listen to u thats the problem of ranking in solo queue there have to be a solution for trolls and dc and not such a hard kick to people that wanna improve i dont think i will ever get out of this hole.
just my thoughts