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Champion Fixes

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Hello everyone i'm a very vivid LOL player and i have noticed a few bugs and glitches with characters for example(I do play a lot of Nasus) he sometimes get extreme range on his basic attack and Q allowing for a bit to much poke, and no its not lag i have one of the best computers and internet available. I think this should be fixed. With Nunu i think you should have a second when channeling his multi that gives you a chance to not be able to move at all because i find myself clicking on accident and messing up his multi completely. Those are some of my bugs and glitches i've found. Please post more you find so hopefully Riot can fix them. P.s and i know i could post this under the bug forum but i feel like this should go under champion discussion more than Bug report.

Please post your Bugs/Glitches

Thanks, iSilverNinja