The New System, Kicked my Butt!

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Alright, I'm not a great player by any means, and I don't mean to come off as arrogant, but I just got demoted to Bronze 5 and I have some serious bones to pick with Riot now.

I had a free day on the weekend to finally sink my teeth into the new system, I was put in Bronze 5. As much as I knew I was still in "elo hell" I was happy that finally I might be able to pull myself out of this since I figured the new system will help me get ranked more where I feel I am quicker. My only goal for myself was Silver and I don't think that's a hard goal to attain. Anyways, so on this free weekend I decided to dedicate the day to getting to Bronze 4! And low and behold after about 4 game winning streak, and some other wins, I got an advancement series and won!

I took a day off from League just to not over do it. I come back and play a few more games, I win one, I lose one, I win one, I lose another one, so my LP remained close to zero. Now look at my recent 10 games... I only have 1 game where I went negative (not counting when I played support and got 26 assists) and I just can't carry my team. Low and behold I play again today, only one game today because I have work to do. I go Anivia, one of my best champs and go exceedingly positive with. Vayne goes 2/9, Taric goes 1/11, Darius goes 3/9, and here I am with 13/4 and I can't help the team because I'm squishy and slow and can't help them all the time without dying or losing my lane etc.

Anyways I lost, but here's the kicker... I get demoted! I GET DEMOTED???? I'm sorry, but what the heck am I supposed to do? I can totally understand if the rest of my team got demoted, not calling them feeders, but maybe this isn't their skill level. But yet I have to get punished, have to work this hard again just to get back to the division I already earned once just because I lost 2 games in a row and I played my very best, won my lane, and helped where ever I could and yet I now am back in Bronze 5 with 50 LP, and I have the snarky ADC on the enemy team who got fed off the Vayne and Taric calling me a noob! This is a very unpleasant experience. I'm not saying I'll quit playing League, but I'll definitely quit Solo queue after this which will definitely slow down my playing of the game.