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New Ranked Season 3. Please read riot

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Hey Riot. You guys recently have added season 3.. along with the new ranked system. You have removed something unique in from season 2 that symbolizes everyone. You have removed the borders on the loading screen. As childish as it may seem, the borders were something in this game that made this game so different from others. The borders were especially cool because they would show the skill level of people or where the person currently is placed. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys would return this. It would go well with the new system as well... gold people get gold borders, silver gets silver, and so on. I personally loved that and i thought it was one of main reasons to play ranked, to customize my loadings and get people to recognize who I really am. without borders, some people , like me, would get other people to say I am not as good as they expect or I am a noob simply because i dont have borders and they do. This is not an obstical ofcourse, but the borders were really nice.. i just loved them. every time i would go in a match, i can calculate who is good, who to expect to carry the game, who to expect to be a kind player. It also makes the people's loading screen simply just look beutiful. I know this isnt a reason that almost everyone cares about, or that everyone thinks is important, or that really doesnt matter to most... but i think it made the game unique and fun... there really isnt much of a point for ranked, except glory... why not get a prize from this glory??? Please review this, and please bring the bordering back.. It was a big deal to me and some others in ranked. Just everytime i would log in or play and i had a diamond or gold border, i would just get a calmful sense. i'd sit back and take a deep breath and simply smile, admiring my work and the good looking screen. It gives me a goal to go for and a pursues my wantings. Like i said, this may seem like its not even close to important, to most people, this little thing does mean alot. Many people probably wont talk about this and wont convince you guys to make this... but heres a question, why not make it? you wont lose anything.... u will only gain. You will gain more reputation, more greatness... more urge to play ranked games, and much more. This has no cons to it, only pros. please change it. and reply if there a is reason why u wont bring it back... i would love to know, and it would be ever so nice to simply here that you guys are here, reading this and u see me... that i am something, not just a player, something meaningful. Thank you