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Tired of your really bad matchmaking

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Zhou Yu

Junior Member


I've played a LOT of ranked games, about 55. out of those 55, I have won 26 times. out of those 26 times, I was carried ONCE by my teammates. All the other games, I had to carry and work my ass off to win. now I also have 29 losses. Why? because your matchmaking system gives me the worst players there are in the history of the game, and doesnt go, "this guy farms really wells, never feeds, and seems to always be positive in his game, so we should up him to higher elo!" no. it doesnt. I go 12/1 graves, my team goes 0/49. HOW DO YOU WIN A GAME LIKE THAT?! time and time again, I have game, after game, after game, where I either carry so hard I win, or my team flat out sucks so bad that i cannot carry them with the biggest crane on the planet. CHANGE THE WAY YOU REWARD PEOPLE. I SHOULDNT BE LOSING ELO WHEN I'M 12/6 IN A GAME THAT WAS LOST JUST BECAUSE MY TEAM DECIDED TO DIE 49 FREAKING TIMES.