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League of Legends New Ranked Review

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Khloe Kardashian

Junior Member


Well to start it off its very new to all players including myself.

Cons -
No longer , when ur in a room about to queue, does it show ur rating/rank.
it only shows ur normal wins and eh.. it was kinda cool to show off your elo to ur friends...

The only way to advance is straight win win win win.

If you join a new division and then you lose, u are automatically dropped a division.
so u can spend all ur time working on getting to gold division 1. and when you make it up there , you lose your first game and are immediately dropped which, to me, is retarded

Pros - sorry couldn't find any

I honestly feel that now its much, much harder to advance, considering not only do you have to rack up 4-5 wins in a row, but even after that you then have to compete in a best of 3 or 5 games just to advance..
it feels like the only way to truly move up is to win games one after another.

i believe if riot really plans on keeping this new system in, to really lower the penalty of losing.
for example 20 league points a win
and only 10 league points a loss