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LF a support and top lane for 5s team.

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Junior Member


I am looking for a support and top lane for a 5s team.
We start playing at 1130 pm eastern timezone. So you must be able to play at that time.
We are looking to play tonight for try outs.
Please post the role you want to play.
What you can bring to our team.
Your current division.
What your best 3 champions are.
If you are interested be on at 1130pm eastern time.

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Edger Alen Pwn

Junior Member


My IGN is Edger Alen Pwn
I primarily play solo top.
1700+ before changes, currently gold division 1.
Gangplank, Shen, and Malphite are probably my top 3. however since some of them are often banned i play alot of darius riven and jayce.
I have a little bit of tournament experience, Did Go4lol with a team for a little bit, and have been to two LAN events, taking 3rd at both. both LAN events had 20+ teams.
What i would bring to the team is a little tournament experience, a skilled top lane, and a fun teammate.