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Vadra - The HexTech Assassin

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Name: Vadra


Attack: 8
Health: 7
Difficulty: 9
Spells: 5

Tags: Melee, Assassin, Support

Note: posted numbers are an approximation, also damage values and ratios will be posted soon.


Health: 550 (+ 65 per level)
Battery Power: 200
Attack Damage: 62 (+ 2.5 per level)
Ability Power: 0
Attack Speed: .600 (+ .025 per level)
Armor: 25 (+ 1.25 per level)
Magic Resist: 15 (+ 1 per level)
Movement Speed: 340
Health Regeneration: 1.3 per second (+ .2 per level )
Battery Power Regeneration: 2.5 per second


Passive: Battery Powered - Vadra relies on batteries to keep himself running. If Vadra falls below certain thresholds of power different effects occur. Staying out of combat for 5 seconds grants vadra double Battery Power Regeneration.

Q: Shock Blade - Vadra fires an electrically charged blade in a line that latches onto the first enemy hit, dealing damage and slowing, more so the longer it is attached to the target. The bond can be broken by distance or after 4 seconds. Hitting an enemy refunds half of the battery cost.
Cost: 50 Battery Cool down: 14/13/12/11/10

W: Hex Step - Vadra dashes to target , dealing damage if it is an enemy, and gaining a shield based upon Vadra's attack damage. Vadra's next basic attack is a guaranteed critical strike, and will inflict Grievous Wound for 2 seconds. Passive: basic attacks and abilities reduce this cooldown by 1 second.
Cost: 35 Battery Cool down: 18/16/14/12/10

E: Hex Ward - Vadra places a visible ward that lasts for up to 2 minutes. The ward grants nearby friendly units Attack Damage. Health Regeneration, and Movement Speed. The wards give Vadra increased Battery Power Regeneration. Vadra can carry up to 3 Hex Wards at a time, and can have up to 3 active on the map at any one time. Vadra creates a new Hex Ward every 45 seconds. Passive: Hex wards have unique interactions with Hex Wards. Passive: Grants cooldown reduction. If Shock Blade hits a Hex Ward it give Vadra a massive speed boost, and regenerates his battery power at an increased rate. If Hex Step is used on a Hex Ward, The cooldown is refreshed.
Cost: 10 Battery Cool down: 1/-

R: Death's Whisper - Vadra activates his cloaking unit, becoming invisible, gaining movement speed, and takes reduced damage. He can activate again at target enemy champion to assassinate them, dealing physical damage plus a % of the targets missing health. If the enemy Champion is killed then Death's Whispers duration is refreshed and is free to cast again. Death's Whisper lasts for 6 seconds. Abilities can be used while invisible revealing Vadra for a short time.
Cost: 100 Battery Cool down: 120/100/80

Battery Power Effects
50% - Damage is increased
25% - Damage is increased further, and cooldowns are reduced
15% - Critical Mass - Battery Power decays every second, but damage is greatly increased
5% - Vadra shuts down for 5 seconds regenerating 25% of his max battery power over the 5 seconds. Gains Armor and Magic Resist while shut down.

Vadra has a Unique Item : HexTech Charge Pack

+ 20 Health per champion level
+ .25 Health Regeneration per champion level
+ 2 Attack Damage per champion level
+ 2 Armor per champion level
Unique Active: Has 3 charges, each charge instantly regenerates 25% of Vadras Battery Power. Charges are restored to full charges at fountain, and regenerates a new charge every 90 seconds.

Coming Soon!

Appearance Idea:
Coming Soon!

Links to my other Champions:
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All feedback and comments are appreciated, this is my first champion idea post. I will post more eventually and link them together.

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great idea, but just a quick question. Do the Hex Wards give gold if an enemy kills them?

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great idea, but just a quick question. Do the Hex Wards give gold if an enemy kills them?

I would believe so, since it is like any other ward. But it would not give major gold, so maybe like 5 gold? or maybe none and you would want to just take it out, because it gives vision of the nearby area.

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Updated the links an added more values.