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Boourns --> Notifications Redesign

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Hey Boourns,

Hope you see this. I'm working on a redesign of the League of Legends PVP.Net client. I'm doing the UX and an associate is doing the SE. (Yay acronyms). Now our goal is to simplify and because we don't need to promote new skins, videos, or news we have a lot more space to do interesting things. That being said, one proposed improvement would be perfectly applicable to the current client. If you're interested read on.

So, right now we have notifications in a hidden, limited list pop-over menu. Notifications appear as transient pop-overs and have an acknowledge or dismiss button. The first problem to solve is that they appear in the lower right-hand corner of the client. That is the last place people in English speaking countries scan with their eyes. The 2nd problem is the color; it fits in with the rest of the client thematically, but doesn't pop. We need more visual feedback to really let us know when something demands our attention.

Solution? Put notifications in the top left corner and give them a less muted color scheme. "But BarackProbama!" you'll say "That's where we put status messages! How will we let the people know that we're 'Performing live maintenance' and that we should expect 'brief interruptions in service'" Never fear sir, I have your answer. Nixing that entire area and making it the notification home would allow you enough space to revamp notifications completely.

Requirement 1- Show the last 3 notifications in a tray displayed in the top left.
Requirement 2- Notifications have color codes for different situations:
I. Green -> Game Invite
II. Yellow-> Someone has left the Queue
III. Orange-> Team Related
IV. Blue->Friend Request
V. Red With Gold Boarder -> System Status Messages.
Requirement 3- Provide an expand button which shows all notifications for this login session in a popover list. Notifications are displayed first categorically, then chronologically.
Requirement 4 - Each notification in both the standard and expanded lists has in-line buttons for acknowledgement or dismissal.
Requirement 5 - Each notification's acknowledgement button fades when it is no longer possible to acknowledge it (Example: Game has started without you.)
Requirement 6- System announcements appear as notifications in the tray as notifications. They always appear on top and are not dismissable.
Requirement 7- Add time-stamps to all notifications.

I can provide mock-ups if you'd like but I'd like to see if you're interested first.