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League System biggest gaming buzzkill ever experienced.

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If I were Jesus



When I started ranked in pre-season 3, I initially ended up in the 1.1k ELO Range.
I was terribly bad and honestly didn't care too much for winning and ended up in the 700 ELO range.

After I while I decided I was sick of being trash at this game and bettered myself and after long, time consuming hours on the weekends almost exclusively playing midlane, I got myself back up to 1.2k ELO and I was still climbing before the League System was implemented.

I had my fair share of trolls, lame players and just toxic players along the way, but they weren't holding me back as much as they are now ever since the League System was released. Every time I go on a small winning streak, I feel like I'm just playing catch up for the one loss I had due to whatever reason. Sure, I'd lose games just because I was having a bad game or I was being outplayed. Maybe even a troll or a leaver caused the loss, but at least I was able to CATCH UP to where I was before in 1-2 games.

Now with the new League System, whenever I get a loss I feel like I have to win 4 games to be back to where I was. I feel like trolls have a lot more power in the new system with the penalties on queue dodging and how significant of a loss in League Points they cause you.

Riot said they wanted to make us feel like we were making significant progress with this new system. I felt I was making excellent progress with my 500 ELO climb, I felt extremely satisfied with myself needless to say. Now I feel stressed out and even scared to play ranked with how unstable the League Point system is. I feel like it's a giant catch up game. As if you didn't pay your taxes for a year and now you have to make enough money to pay it in a month.

TL;DR: I climbed 500 ELO in the old system with trolls and whatnot and was still making progress. Now in the new system I can't get anywhere with a single loss because of how imbalanced the system is.

Better nerf Shaco.
I understand this is the 9001 thread about the new League System, but maybe an overwhelming majority of topics about it being bad will get Yegg to maybe take action instead of say something along the lines of "derp winning streak get better"

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You know as bad as it sounds, I tried to find something wrong with your match history, but I couldn't. I honestly...want to give props to you. You & I are like one in the same to be honest, except I can't play akali & xin zhao for ****.

But yeah, I have the same feelings as you. I won my first ranked since new system, gave me 21 league points, lost 1 game, dropped to 3 league points, that game loss was due to our bot lane not having a support, and our mid lane making bad decisions. Second game, our jungler & top lane fed more than they needed to. We had some advantages but they always made a bad decision before a fight, our garen died 4 times trying to "backdoor" top lane, and blamed us for not calling mia. We told him to retreat via ping, and he said he was playing muted. So all in & all...basically him & jungle were responsible for our loss. I was 4/0/7 until about 35 minutes in.