fiora poll on her riposte

mini 0.5 second stun 6 21.43%
mini 1.0 second slow 1 3.57%
stop on hit effects from champions, ie: teemo poison, garen silence 13 46.43%
dodges all attacks for the next 1.5 seconds 3 10.71%
don't touch her kit 5 17.86%
Voters: 28. You may not vote on this poll

fiora poll on her riposte

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I dont play fiora but ive seen her played, she is pretty strong the problem is she is pretty squishy beggining game so most think she is super weak but her damage is crazy I think the most that should be done with riposte like someone said it has no effect on magic so if she ripostes a magic attack make it reduce damage tKen from said attack by 25or so percent or make it nulify the slow/stun of said abilities