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League/Divisions Chatroom

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Hi, sorry if this has already been posted or if this is put in the wrong section.

So when I first heard about this new ranked system involving leagues I thought it would be really cool because it would provide a kind of mini community within the league. However I realize now that there is no way for us to communicate with people in our league (without having them on your friends list of course). I was upset by this because it meant that I could not wish *insert summoner's name here* good luck in their trial matches and such.

I think it would be a really cool idea if there were a chat room available for whatever league it is you are currently in. So if I'm in "Hecarim's Platoon" I could enter the "Hecarim's Platoon" chat room and talk with anyone else who happens to be in there. This way we could give advice to each other, wish each other luck, and generally have a stronger community sense within the game. Once you get promoted to a new league you would be able to use the new chat room. Just thought it would be a nice way to bring people within the community a little bit closer.

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0ccams Ra20r

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It sounds like a great idea but unfortunately if Riot doesn't think that the amount of work will create a adequate amount of benefit isn't worth it then they won't do it and even a niche amount would work eg aram. Overall I feel that Riot has always had general chatroom on the back burner since they've have the same four general chatrooms (capped at 200) since season 1 and minimum functionality for a ranked team chat (which consist of an invite all button, hidden on the ranked team page).

So what you're asking for is creating an almost mmo social experience which is beyond the scope of the current social system. This sounds like something that Riot Lyte might be interested in trying to implement as head of social systems for Riot but otherwise, it may never happen until Riot overall decides to make changes.