New Player questions

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Hi I'm new to the game and trying to focus on one champion for now. The first one I've picked is Wukong because his play style looks good and he was listed as one of the easier ones to learn. I've read some of the guides out there suggesting items to start with but was just wondering if anyone had some tips or suggestions for playing as him?

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I am not a WuKong user, but practice...and practice a lot. I made the mistake of buying the larger champion bundle that gives 20+ champions, as I have multiple friends who play, so I knew I would be playing for a while and did not want to get bored. The problem, a really good player at a certain champ is better than someone who knows the ins and outs of numerous champs, especially if you are playing unranked blind pick games.

To your question, keep on reading guides and following videos to get ideas on how to play and what makes sense to how you envision or see your playstyle grow. From there, and with some research, you will identify the best items, masteries, runes, etc... for you to use so that you learn your role(s) and your champ to beat most other hands down. You will still want to game with other champs, especially as they become free, as this lets you find out how to counter them and what to look for in terms of animationsso you can tell what they are doing, and will help keep the game from getting stale while you master your chosen champ.

Other than that, read through the boards and understand the idea on how to lane, last hit creeps, zoning, wards, etc...