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I swear people are displaying more negativity in games. Just played one game of ranked. We're doing fine in this whole game. No grief. Till I call an MIA for mid.
>I try to come down to bot as fast as I can down bot to help.
>They die while I come down bot to help
>Yells useless singed and useless xin because we couldn't save them.
>Starts to grief the whole team blaming this and that
>Other team doesn't care either.
>Nami continues to grief on me how I'm 1/2 and while she was 0/3.

Later he adds me. I ask why. Replies to this:
Nami(9:28): because i had a valid point and you acted like a ******
suck on freedom ****

Like really? I just wanted to play and not have to deal with people like this. He then acted like he did nothing wrong. When my whole team also wanted to report his negativity. While the other team doesn't care. I got really agitated and argued back at him. I wanted to defend my team as well as he was yelling at our whole team for everything. I know I shouldn't provoke and couldn't just ignore, but I'm really just tired of players like this running game experiences. Why can't people be banned for something like this. It's disgusting how others blame others for mistakes.