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Galorn, The Bone Magi

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Description : A skull for a face/head with a hood around it, red eyes that are very prominent, white and black robe, skeletal fingers out the sleeves of the robe, carries around an enchanted bone staff.


Passive: Galorn gains 5 Ability Power per % of Spell Vamp received from items.

Dark Inferno: Galorn instantly blasts his target with scorching flame dealing 80/140/200/260/320 (+0.8) magic damage to his enemy.

Cost: 65/85/105/125/145
Range: 630

Magic Stick : If cast on an allied champion, it will reassemble itself into a shield and reflect the next harmful spell cast in the next 3 seconds, If cast on an enemy champion, it will reassemble itself into a skeleton to attack, dealing 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.6) physical damage over 10 seconds.

Cost: 70/95/120/125/140
Range: 700

Rude Awakening : Passive: Galorn gains Spell Penetration by a %. Active: Galorn summons an old friend to scare enemy champion.

Passive: Increases Spell Penetration by 15/20/25/30/35%

Active: Galorn summons an old friend to scare enemy champion for 1.5 seconds towards him.

Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
Range: 600

Bone Wall: Galorn recycles dead minions into walls of bones. A wall of bone has 500/1000/2000 Health (+1), does 20/40/60 (+0.1) magic damage per second to attackers.

Cost: 200/250/300
Range: 600

What spells would look like:

Dark Inferno: Black/Orange/Red flame

Magic Stick: White bone in the form of a shield, White bone skeleton

Rude Awakening: A coffin arises from the ground with a corpse inside

Bone Wall: Several bones in a cool pattern that form a wall.