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purposely AFK making his team go 4v5

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Infamous Los is his name. He said brb real quick play passive, everyone was fine with that, RL happens. Then 10 mins later we do /ff and he voted but never came back ( not an afk vote it was quick) Then right after we lost he said in the chat WTF i said play passive. It was like to was just sitting watching to game.

Plz watch out of him and others like him.

Post more people that do this here.

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Not sure you are supposed to call people out on the forums, i think you are supposed to just report him and let the Tribunal decide his fate. That being said, people intentionally going afk should be punished. if you and your team all reported him, and he has a habit of doing it, hopefully he will end up in the Tribunal, i generally punish people that feed on purpose ot other things that troll for no reason, and that is what this sounds like.