Doran Stacking...needs to be changed!

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Yeasty GG

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Here is the thing I have discovered about this doran's stacking. The people who do this tend to be hungry..a lil too hungry, so wat they got an advantage on you? Don't stick around to get owned. This strat obviously has little to no viability late game, so if you can stop it from benefiting them much early game BOOM problem solved. I don't want to say people who do this doran's stacking are unintelligent, but they are a little unintelligent. I laned against an MF who did this(i was on Kass) and yea she harassed me a bit, soon as I took the time to THINK i just backed up..last hit with nullsphere let her make the mistake of moving up on my tower and i hit her with my silence and slow the between the turret and ignite i killed her..That is the end of the Doran's stacking right there. Just play smart.