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Suggestion for DC's and Que Trolls

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So i'm sure at some point this has probably been suggested but after playing for an entire day and only getting to play one real game with 10 people in it i feel i need to share. I have spent all the time between games racking my brain for ways to spare other people the same nonsense i have been dealing with all day and feel i have come up with two fairly decent idea's.

First is to address the problem of that pesky person in champ select who refuses to work communicate with their team and insta locks some random champion with useless summoner spells because they didn't get their way. What if there was a vote to dodge button that much like a surrender required 4/5 people to say yes to do. It would simply treat it like someone had not responded to the que and send everyone back into the match making system. Yes i understand people would abuse it, people abuse every system ever but it would save a lot of people who just wanna play a fair 5v5 a big headache.

Second is when you get into a game and someone naturally decided you have lost at about the 5 minute mark and proceeds to AFK or DC. After the game the OTHER team (yes the other team) will have the option after reporting the troll to vote to forgive the loss for the other team. If 4/5 people report and vote to forgive the team with the troll loses say half the points they normally would. The winning team still gets all their points and it still counts as a loss for the other but it will help soften the blow and hopefully encourage people to go through with the reporting process on people who deserve it rather than going to the end screen and just jumping into que again.

So now before everyone jumps down my throat for no reason i'll address a few of the issues i'm sure will come up. No this is not my normal guy i don't really feel like dealing with it so i posted using my smurf account. Yes i realize people would abuse this to try and get out of losing points by begging the other team to report and vote forgive and i am sure people will dodge ranked que's because they get to the end and realize their team is terrible. However, compared to the 40 minute terrors that are so common with the way things are now, i would happily accept either of those alternatives every day.

now that thats out of the way... thoughts?

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Why do you kids always suggest this Q votekick thing? The real solution would be to not allow "dodging" in the first place, then there would be no reason to troll your team into dodging, which only happens because of the halfway measures already in place.