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Nautilus Jungle

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Planets Cubed

Senior Member


Ok, so i haven't played Nautilus in about 6 months or so and when i tried to play him in the new jungle i screwed up :/
Can anybody give me an idea what to buy, when to gank, and what to build late game if i wanna mainly be a tank? Thanks, (when i was a noob i used to just rush wriggles, then get warmogs, thorn or FoN, Frozen Heart, and of merc boots.)

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Junior Member


Hey I jungle naut a lot. I run these runes.
Quints = health or move speed
Red = attack speed
Yellow = flat armor
Blue = mr/lvl.

I buy machete and 5 pots. Take w and start blue. I usually build some early health like giants belt to build that jungle item or go warmogs if I do well early. That jungle item is nice but situational. I like getting mobility boots as fast as possible to gank. I also like abysall scepter, more DMG for you magic pen for your team and MR. Bulwark is great as well. The armor items are so situational too. Any of them are fine, if u need more health go sun fire, more armor get randuins or thornmail.

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Hey, I'm one of those guys who mains Nautilus jungle.

My runes are:

Quints: MS
Marks: Mpen
Glyphs: Scaling MR
Seals: flat armor

I start W then E at blue and go through without ganking till im lv 4 after finishing the jungle and going b. One thing that helps with Naut is that when you're fighting jungle creeps or fighting a teamfight for that matter is that when you start attacking.. autoattack and as soon as it registers press w. It refreshes your auto attack timer. I rarely see naut players do this but it'll give you that extra 100 dmg or more (or less) and it immobilizes them.

My build is:

Start: Machete 5 pots
first back: boots/spirit stone(if i feel i wont be ganking this run)/Philosopher's (if i feel i wont be ganking at all)
second back: Giants belt(if i got a kill or assists)/boots of mobility(if i farmed jungle)
third back:Spirit of the ancient golem(this item is a must)

core build: Spirit of the ancient golem, Aegis of the Legion, guardian angel.Rest is situational

I build GA early because then i can run in and die, and have them blow all their cc on me(which is what you want) and while they're focusing you the carries pick them off one by one. The mentality with GA isn't.. oh hey im lucky I have this GA because I died... It should be ... I have this GA so im going to die for my team and then come back and survive. Also the armor and MR is generally good.

hope this helps!

EDIT: sometimes i gank earlier if my opponents are playing really aggresive.