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max level 100 or higher.

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some could say this is posted in the wrong forum, although it could be the right forum because it would make people rage less by making people who are less experienced not in the match.

this is for solo queue normal games

the experience it takes to get to level 30 is very low. I've been playing for 2 years and probably have accumulated enough experience to get to level 100 or even higher if there was such a thing, making newer players who just hit level 30 queue with me when I am much more experienced and then making the game unbalanced.

it's very hard to find a good match where everyone on both teams are equally skilled. A real "gg" (good game) has rarely happened in the 2500~ games I've played. I have been in many close matches, but few real good matches where everyone on both side is doing equal.

winning is only determined on who the person with the highest score and if they can use that score correctly and not get caught or get focused by the enemy team.. it can be a close match, but never is it a real good fight where everything is balanced.

making max level higher would make normal queues more balanced, I don't really like playing ranked too much, but i was 1600~ when i stopped playing ranked, and now I'm in silver division 1