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Looking for 1700+ adc/top

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Hey guys! We're looking for a 1700+ ADC and/or TOP player who plays during eastern US time and is a very active player. We've just divided our team, The Syndicate, into two teams-- eastern time zone and western, and we need to fill those two positions with someone no less qualified than they were.

You must have a sense of humor and be interested in trolling, arams, ranked, normals-- etc... with the team-- to get to know each other, play style, thinking, weaknesses, strengths, etc... We won't be getting into ranked IMMEDIATELY-- we need to finish up solidifying our teams and playing together.

We are all very active and on almost every evening / sporadically across the weekend.

If you are interested, please message me in game. And seriously, please, do not message me if you were less than 1600 elo level-- I won't even consider it. I've been getting too many people messaging me who think they are 1700... and aren't.