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3 champs u hate laning against

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Top:Garen, passive.Darius, op.Xin Zhao...omg!
Mid:Akali...passive spellvamp and passive magic damage on basic attacks.Nidalee:The spear is easy to dodge, but if it hits you...AW-Ap yi:cant kill him.Meditate huggin the turret, excelent harass with alpha strike.
Bot:Thresh-annoying pull-Blitz-annoying pull-Lux-snare...slow...and shield

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Brand - Dude terrifies me. I could spend all day and night dodging every skillshot from every champion in the book, but put me up against a Brand and it's like I forgot how to right click. Absolutely shuts me down, I have no excuses.

Katarina - I feel like there isn't anything I can do to control my lane when she's here. Everything about her just bothers the hell out of me, I'd rather go jungle than fight her.

Nasus - Oh good. I didn't like leaving top lane either. Let's just afk farm for-god-damn-ever. Meanwhile, the teams losing 4v4's, and man, I'd love to go and help them, but that would require me to leave you alone to farm, and that WILL cost us the game. So, good luck everyone else, your fighting without a top lane.

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I main as Nidalee fyi. In any lane.

Darius: Because he gets an Ice Hammer, Warmogs, then eats teams at a time. STILL.
Morgana: Dark Binding...aka Dark Death Sentance, have fun being focused for 3 seconds.
Nasus: He can't NOT be fed. Eventually he will kill everything in two hits.
Veiger: Because team fights can be decided by his AOE stun.
Leona: Still can't figure out how to counterplay her for some dumb reason.