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Singed, something a little different.

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Hello everyone, been noticing that people are putting out a lot of guides for this champion and they always differ from what I do. Now these guides aren't any less valid than mine will be, but this is a different way to play this extremely versatile character. Basically this will be a PURE Ability Power build. Why I do this is because Singed is a character that can put out massive amounts of damage, but people rarely ever make a ganking Singed.

Summoner spells:

Tele and flash are for moving around quickly, exhaust is so you can catch up to people and toss them!

Skill Build:
Poison trail
Poison trail
Mega Adhesive
Insanity potion
After this I max out in this order

I do my skill build this way because usually I run with a champion beggining game so I like the ability to toss people to a friend and watch them get double teamed! Mid to late game your poison trail is going to be the way you really make people scared of you, which is why after level 6 I max it out quickly.

You have some room for inventiveness here but i like to keep it simple and make all rune slots AP and make your quints run speed, exp and AP.

Gear choices:
Here is the point that most people will be arguing and let me just get it out there that this is what works for me and MY play style. It might not work with how you play the game but i have been in several games where my end score is 12/0/10 and 17/0/9.

Regrowth pendant - you want this so your never the victim of a first blood incedent! Get some cash and make your way to buy a

Philosopher's Stone - This is a weird item to buy but I like the stats for an early game item, lots of health and mana regen plus that money bonus is super nice!

Swiftness boots - A must for any Singed build

Rod of Ages - This is an amazing item and works very well with Singed's passive, I usually have this purchased by 17 minutes in.

Lich Bane - 80 ap is not bad and the passive is cool to, but the thing that I love most about this item is the run speed increase. The faster you move the faster you can kill people, as well as force people to follow in your PURPLE DRANK!

Void Staff - A newer item to the game that I think is great, even if people stack magic resist you can still hurt them a fair amount with an item that basically has spell penetration

Zhonya's Ring - 100 AP and an amazing passive, at this point in the game you should be making so much money off of creep killing and ganking that an item like this isn't far out of reach!

If the game lasts longer this I will sell my philo stone for another AP item.

Just a general note you will find several things in common with all these item choices, all have AP, and all have mana on them, I think by choosing these items not only to you make good use on Singed's outright power to kill other champs, but also make the best use of his passive ability. You might not be geared like a tank but say hello to over 3k health!

I like to go the route of 9/0/21
in OFF tree 3 into Arch Savy one into Cripple
4 into Sorcery
1 into Archaic Knowledge

Utility Tree
1 into Spacial Acc 3 into Good Hands 3 into Perseverance
4 into Awareness or 4 into Expanded Mind
1 into Greed 3 into Mediation
3 into Quickness
3 into Intelligence

I do this because I like the way these skills work for the champ. As I said before I do not see Singed as a tank but I see him more as a killing machine that can take A LOT of punishment!

Hope that this helps all you people looking for something a little different than the norm, ridicule me for playing this way but don't get angry until you try it!

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One suggestion I have, shoot me if you will, is that if you're doing really well , is to get a Warmogs armor, the HP bonus' will clock through the roof after a while. Also, use an HP elixir/Ability elixir, nothing more annoying than a singed with 400 HP more than he had and poisons that kill faster. Elixirs stack well with Insanity Potion to top it off.

As for runes, I prefer cooldown reductions, nothing more annoying than being flung every few secs by a high AP singed, especially if he has a team mate behind him.

Just my thoughts, troll away.

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Actually it's not that different from the build I use for him, except I keep my regrowth Pendant and upgrade it later to a FoN xD He can farm quite well already, and even without runes, I never have mana probs with him, so I never saw the need for a Phil Stone. Also, after my RoA (I might even get 2 if I'm doing particularly well) I tend to get FoN and/or some armor for less squishiness, then I might start working on that Lichbane as a luxury item (most games end be4 I finish it though).