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Awesome idea!! Please give feedback

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I personally loved it when egg form anivia chat came up as "cryophoenix egg" and that wukong chat says "monkeyking". I was wondering what people thought of having something similar for kog'maw and karthus when they are "dead" but not dead yet AKA kogmaw in his explosive form and karthus in his ghost form. I was thinking that maybe Kog's chat could show up as "The Surprise" or something to go along with the passives name. I havnt thought of one for Karthus yet but i am sure there is an awesome idea somwhere. Please give me your feedback and suggestions for any champion you have an idea for. Even if it is crazy, like shaco chat being "Shaco clone" during his ult or having annie's chat show up as "tibburs" when she ults. (my personal favorite idea is having nunu chat show up as "Willump" during some circumstances). All ideas are welcome and i hope that if we get enough support Riot will consider at least some of our ideas. We can do it guys!!!!!

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Those things happen because that is the name that is in the code it wasn't intentional so I'm sure they won't