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QoL Suggestions [I can haz plox?]

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Preface (Optional)

I love League as a game and the teamwork it (is supposed to) entail. I must say that when I reached level 30 or so, I was so upset with the community that I contributed more to the negativity than I helped. A few months later I was militantly nice as in I would always aggressively back up the people that trolls were calling feeders etc. I found that this ended up just feeding the trolls' flame, so now I'm more of just a passive "just calm down and play" kind of player.

With that said, I absolutely hate the player base as it is right now. Many players consider the tribunal impotent and also are not willing to accept any responsibility for their mistakes and will not sacrifice anything for the team in fear of having a bad score for a troll to use as leverage to troll them harder.

The Honor Initiative worked for a while, but now all I generally see are people asking for honor because they "did well" instead of having the appropriate attitude and making the game enjoyable. In fact, many times that same player was BMing in all chat all game.

I've kept my mouth shut because I figured that by just being a positive player I could influence the players around me and keep everyone on a good note. It worked for about 3-4 weeks incredibly well. The people on my team were generally well mannered and I got some people to act nicely after becoming trolls. In 1 week (the best week of all of this) I went up ~200 elo (1150->1370), but after I lost 2-3 games and returned to the lower 1300's and eventually to the higher 1200's, I felt myself just get sucked down a black hole of negative players. I don't know how many ranked games in a row I have lost now, but I can say that it is primarily due to negative players destroying the team's ability to keep playing at full potential and it's starting to piss me off now. As a result I have a few suggestions that will hopefully stop and reverse my re-transformation into another pissed off trolling player.

Halo/Normal/Devil League

The idea behind this is fairly simple, though I admittedly have no idea how difficult the implementation would be. I suggest that 3 different options be given whenever a player joins a queue in order to find similar players for him to play with.

Normal League would just be the average player and would probably be similar to the current queues.

Halo League would be for people that will show good manners, be positive, and generally want to have fun and just enjoy the game without dealing with trolls. To reinforce this concept, reports given while in this league will be treated more severely than current reports. Additionally, punishment for offenses in this league will be more severe. To avoid premade groups from entering the league to quadra report people, reports from a premade group toward a player will never count as more than 1 report. Alternatively this could be made into a solo-queue only option with premades forced to either play in Normal or Devil league.

Devil League is the polar opposite of Halo League in that it is a place for people to go do what they want with no consequences. While this will most likely inevitably result in people doing the most troll things ever, players will know what they are getting into when they queue. In this queue there is no reporting available (or reports from this league are not very heavily weighted), so players can cut loose and allow their frustrations to flow.

The goal of such leagues would be to get the well-mannered players into the same game while leaving the trolls a playground where they may do what they wish without ruining the game for others.

Note: There should never be a reward or penalty for participating in any of the leagues, it should simply be an option. Rewards would defeat the effectiveness of these leagues.

Better Report Choices

The current report choices rarely fully encompass the situation. "Verbal Harassment" seems too extreme at times and "Negative Attitude" just too soft. When someone is purposely building a bad build too purposely lose the game, what report would that be? The best I have guessed is "Griefing: Assisting enemy team", but that doesn't seem to cover it. Also, reporting for being a poor sport or purposely not working with their team should be an option.

Please clarify how champion picking manners work

I am flexible and will play whatever role my team needs, but many people are not. With the current game, some people say that "calling" the position first gives rights to that position while others claim that "first pick" gets first decision. My favorite thing (and by that I mean I hate it a lot) is when people say that "the summoners code says so". The truth is that the summoner's code is incredibly vague on the topic and does not say one way or another. The closest line in it is that if you are the last player to pick you should attempt to fill any role that is still required. Clarifying this could make champion select a little more pleasant.


I do not want to sound like a whiner, but I have not been enjoying League for the past week or 2 and the primary reason is all of the negativity. I would very much like something to be done (or attempted) to help players like me that want to have a good time without trolls.

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The trolls are everywhere. Even a person who says very supportive games can, like you and me included, have a game right after where theres a little bit of flaming that grows till theres a massive issue at the end. Everyone has the potential to be toxic. The real way to combat the issue is not to try and get riot to help... because they already are. They have many trained psychologists working on the issue day in, day out to make this game better as a community. The best thing i can say to do is to continue to be a model citizen of the community.

Not every game you play needs to be a ranked game where everything is on the line. Sometimes if you feel the rage building, and the loss streaks getting longer, take a day to absolutely obliterate annie bot in midlane of a beginners bots game. While youre there, show off your S2 Elo banner to the newer players and show them that the better players are nice. Set the next generation up to be positive instead of jaded like all us lvl30 players seem to be. I have only played a few ranked games and have been utterly destroyed in two. Tons of flaming. I decided to play bots and gather IP for a while, till me and a friend found that normal 3v3's were a fantastic place to have fun, game after game as long as you dont take it seriously.

One of my other friends cools down by playing dominion matches where it doesnt matter one bit how well one player is doing, or how poorly one is. The fast pace allows for a big buffer in the decision of which team will win. He played enough to get silver rank early on in S2 and hasnt played ranked since, as far as i know.

When it comes down to it, this game really is fun. There are many different facets of entertainment that each game type provides, and being closed minded to one is not a mentally healthy way to play. I was feeling corrupted a couple weeks ago and after taking a break from the intense games, and starting to work on some more of the buttload of champions i recently bought, im enjoying the game way more than ever.