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Things that could happen with a kick system :P

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Okay I've been looking through the LoL forums and from the community and threads I have seen people have been suggesting a kick system to remove trollers~ Well it is a good idea having a wait time for people have been kicked but don't you think its a possible idea for people to kick others for no apparent reason for instance you solo que and you get into an argument of some sort or just call a role somebody else wants they could just call for a vote-kick and all of the sudden you get kicked! These kind of things can happen depending on the LoL community which from so far I've seen which is filled with trollers and feeders.

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I think a kick system could be unfair as well. Especially if someone goes on LoLking and sees that one guy has lost his last 5 games, thus we should kick him, which I personally do not think is fair. It is a tricky balance, but IMHO ultimately it would cause a lot more trouble having a kick system than not having one.

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A kick system is totally unacceptable in this community, no offense but (before the honor system) every game has a target and most jump on the bandwagon against them. My teams tend to hate me almost every game because I play unconventional e.g. meta is horrid, split pushing rocks, etc. of course everything they say usually isnt true, but its mob mentality. The only way I see a kick being viable is if they allow surrender early on with no loss kept, often times you can tell your screwed before 10 min when your allies or most of them are averaging a death a minute (1/2 1/3 games). This way you could kick anyone obviously wrecking your game and restart.

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I posted a modified idea, I think you might like it but I would like your input here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3088240