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i don't mean be to a Troll (new ranked system)

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i really think that the new system which was so hyped about is after all a balloon with no air. there is still elo hell and there is still the the same number (or might have increased) trolls in the game.

i jungled olaf i had 5/1 and the rest of the team fed like a really hard and xin tore everything
i just wanted to surrender the game and do another one but there were troller who wouldn't surrender and would fed xin even more what more i can do against a fed xin ?

second game same thing happen 0/0 with 131 cs at the 20 min mark i was playing safe as miss fortune and yet the top and jungler decided to fed diana and elise. i could have gotten almost everyone of them if had support and no one supports at all they just troll on support or just sit there

my 3rd game was just hell being volibear and 4/2/15 and the rest of the time had like 8 - 12 deaths and out of the total kills which were 21 against enemy teams 44 thats thes only thing i can do as a support voli no one even tries to be competitive and if they are in lead that just get air headed and throw it away. i know that the new system has just gone up and haven't even completed a week but there is alot of things missing as in ranked i had a total of 7 wins yet everyone in my division have like 50 wins or 100 wins (elo hell residents) yet they still troll so damn hard its like really shameful

all opinions are welcome be it negative or positive let me know about your experience

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I agree, I find that the new system did not fix this at all. If Riot explained that this'll level out over time and as the bad players fall behind, and the more average to pro players stay where they are, it'll be good, but nope Elo Hell has become Division Hell and it's sucking in everyone who's an average player who's carrying their team but losing anyways. Thanks Riot, you broke something that needed to be fixed, lol.

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Roman God

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I've been having a similar experience. While the new system looks nicer, and makes it better to set small goals to get up in rank, the fact that you don't play with other players at your level seems counter intuitive. I'm in silver division 5 and all day I've been playing with bronze level players. Now i know that's not very high, but it seems like I should be playing with other silver division 5 players or bronze players trying to get into silver.

As for ELO Hell, there are plenty of players who deserve to be in it, they are just not that good and should remain where they are at, but when one player is punished for the actions of their team members even if they are not in the same tier seems very harsh. In all honesty the rank system should be focused on how you preform in game and not your win to loss ratio and who you play with and against. If you play well, and still lose, you should be rewarded for doing so. If you go 11/4/12 mid but still lose, you should still gain points, if very little. It takes it out of players when they try their hardest but get crushed because one guy wanted to go top, said he was the best, and fail so hard that it makes it a 4v5.

If they ever implement a system that rewards a player for doing good even though they lost. Then I feel that will solve many many problems.