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Perma ban this player now

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Junior Member



He was in my game, playing as Eve.

I can not begin to express the level of toxicity of this players. I wish I could find the chat somewhere and post it.

He trolled this game harder than any troll I have ever seen before.

First off, he doesn't speak at all in picks. He picks Eve and doesn't say a word (after top and mid were already established), therefore forcing the Mid Kayle to take Smite and go jungle, after not hearing a word from the Eve.

Then, game stats. Eve doesn't help leash, but waiting in base for 4th potion. She is up against a Fizz in lane. She feeds him first blood. Doesn't do anything other than walk up to him and die. This happens again. And again. She is feeding him intentionally. However, what happens the 4th time? She kills him. How? No particular reason. Fizz just walks up to her and dies. He was reseting her gold. Because he proceeded to kill her 4x, and then fed her. They even admit to trolling and feeding intentionally in chat. She was 1/5/1 at 7 minutes, 4/15/1 at 20.

This happened all game. The whole team knew what was happening but there was absolutely nothing we could do to stop it.

All the while, Eve was saying things like "Don't feed Fizz" when someone died to him, or "Have you ever been with a chick with a dick?" and so many other vulgar things.

I know this isn't proper "procedure" but this player is not your average "baddie/afker/verbal abuser". This is a case of the worst trolling I have ever seen (and I have played in/reviewed through the Tribunal a fair share of games.

Something needs to be done. Now. This is beyond ridiculous.

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ShaDow Neda



Tribunal will do something about this if you're saying true.

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while you are not exactly allowed to call players out, if what you said is true then he deserves to be banned. just explain in a sophisticated manner to your team and the enemy's why he should be reported and if the curses at you just stay sophisticated and dont drop down onto his level. at the end shrug the game off and report him. make sure to mention why in report.