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Would you use (or like to see) an honor comment box?

Yes 4 80%
No 1 20%
Voters 5 .

Honor System Suggestion

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Niffy Rose



I was thinking about community behavior and attitude earlier this evening and while I find the honor system to have been a large help in solving some of the issues we have, I have one small suggestion that may improve it even further. I'm sure someone at Riot has already thought of this but here goes...

It may help boost moral even further if we added a small (140-250) character box where someone could leave a comment along with the honor they give out. Being told that you were friendly/helpful/or a team player, is a great boost to confidence and certainly carries over to proceeding games. So the system we have now is great, but being told EXACTLY why you were given that honor has some extreme benefits in my (unprofessional) opinion...

1.) Knowing what you did right can help you improve that positive part of your player-self even further.

2.) It may help the Riot crew see how many people are actually using the honor system to help the community grow positively instead of doing, what I like to call, "Honor Whoring". I have seen this in game and, call me a white knight, it bothers me deeply to see people say "HONR PLOX!" in game. Its not honorable if you have to ask for it!

3.) For my own reasons I would like to see this because:

  • This is the first game I have ever played, so I like to have feedback at any given oppurtunity.
  • I think that this will give people a more positive outlet to help other "noobs" get better, instead of raging and reporting everyone.
  • And I think it would be a fun system to have added to the game ^.^

One thing I have thought of that might be an argument against this is, of course, the negative use of this system for harassment. I think that this argument has flaws though. If someone were going to harass another player, they would just report them and then add them to harass them further. Sadly I have seen this kind of behavior. Also, there aren't enough characters to insult someone sufficiently in this system I am proposing hahaha.

Let me know what you think guys! Like I said, I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

<3 ~Niffy Rose

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Capn Of Capns

Senior Member


I quite like this idea, and it's not like it's too much of a pain. ***As long as it's not mandatory. While it wouldn't hurt to give players the option to give some reasoning behind the honor, it would hurt to force players to have to give a reason. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

I doubt we'll see this any time soon since Riot's generally busy, and now has to fine-tune their S3 queue systems.