A Tryndamere Poem

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Hi there, this is just something I threw together... Don't judge t too harshly, I did this when I was bored. It's not meant to be very good but, if you like it for any reason, I'll try to write more for different champions. message me if anyone in particular is wanted. Enjoy!

Low Shyvanna,
Seen between the sky light
Beauty brought forth that could not be seen
On the riverbed whilst fire burns around you.
I can only admire the moment..

A sparkling arrow wizzes by,
Oh great, now weíre seen.
Donít worry; Iíll stop them so you can get away
Before they attack, Iíll be waiting here while you run away.
I can handle the bow-woman, just leave now.

-Darling Ashe,
I knew you would come. Let us not fight,
Loverís quarrels are meant for personal lives, not for sport.
Take my hand and let us go together.
I am alone, for my ally has left.
Can we not reminisce our fond memories together,
In Frejord?
- Tryndamere