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Frosty Ezreal...Thoughts and/or suggestions please :)

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Basically, I first built The Bloodthirster and then went into Berserker's Greaves. After that I proceeded to build Iceborn Gauntlet, then Frozen Mallet followed by Frozen Heart. The AD on this build isn't the greatest, it's 272, but with the slow from both q's and auto attacks it doesn't really matter because you can keep your distance long enough to kill. I think that the kiting ability is the coolest part of this build. But the amount of armor, health, and CDR that you get isn't too shabby either. At level 18 with all of those items Ezreal has 230 armor, 2490 HP, 1945 mana, and 35% CDR. With the mana regen and the extra 5% CDR you get from the blue buff(since 40% is the max CDR you can get) you can spam those q's like crazy and nobody will be able to keep up with you, or get away for that matter.

I decided to post this because I want some feedback and thoughts about the actual viability of playing this build in an actual game.

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Well in ranked games, don't do that as people will say you are trolling and wont like it. Plus you cannot carry as hard as if you built full ad. My build for Ezreal is Boots of Lucidity/Berserkers Greaves, Black Cleaver, Bloodthirster, Trinity Force, Infinity Edge and some item you feel is neccesary.

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Why are you playing ezreal?
What does ezreal do best?

What items supplement his/your playstyle?

Ezreal is a great AD carry. Ad carries are to deal as much damage as possible in teamfights.
He kites really well because of his E and long range Q

Do you really need a full tank item (Frozen heart)
Do you really need frozen mallet (HP is wasted, kiting somewhat useful but completely redundant with icebourne Gauntlet) (Might as well play ashe with frozen mallet, almost the same thing)

Are you even having trouble sticking to your target? (Do you really need the slow? the sheen proc is off of base AD , so it's not as good as the one in tri force.)

My opinion is that the build dosen't work with the way the game is headed right now.
I gave you my comments on most of your items, hope you think about it.

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