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Elo Hell --> Division Hell

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Division hell is everywhere. I was in Bronze II when I started ranked this season, and I won to bring me up to 90 points in my division, then I got troll after troll after troll after troll and now I'm division Bronze IV. why can't Riot make a system that's based off personal performance? Blizzard did it.

Yes! That's the way they should do it. Honestly this division hell is real, One of the game designers actually said the reason why the points drop so fast is because: "we need to make sure you earned your wins and didn't just get on a lucky streak"....honestly wtf? If i play way and my team plays bad it reflects on me..I'm the bad player bc I loose 4 in a row bc I get feeders?

I just had my top lane riven get stomped hard by garen so my jungler tried to help there and my mid lane. I ended up wining my lane, but then my bot lane fed hard. I go 4/2/1, my ez goes 0/7, my sona goes 0/9, my moaki goes 0/, my riven goes 3/5.

Its soloqueue not team/duo queue. Rank me on my performance and not my screwed up teams performance.

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Roman God

Junior Member


Agreed, you should still get points for playing well even if you lose. That was you at least get something for your efforts and not be punished for having a team of random people who are not even in your tier (its true!) If you kill more then you die, and count the assists as half points making 2 assists equal to a kill, then that would severely punish players who are just bad and good supports can still get points so long as they haven't died a whole bunch.

Supposedly everything will even out once everyone is situated on their ranks, but it seems like this system is just making more frustrated players who then become trolls. It is hard to manage because it is a team game, but then again personal scores are tracked, so clearly they should just use that as the ranking system.

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Senior Member


+1. I've been saying this ever since I hit level 30. The ELO system was stupid, and this is even worse.