Your Gragas items build for 3s and 5s

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Hi all.

Bought that obese fella and played around 10ish games so far.
I'm a little confuse for his items build tho.

As for masterie, I've been doing better with a full ap 21/9/0.

Runes are...
Mark; Mpen
Seal; Flat/Scale armor (was thinking that health might be better since you already have good def with your W ?)
Glyphs; Scale AP
Quints; Flat ap

Any thought on a better rune page ?

Skills: Q,E,Q,W,Q,R etc...

So as for the items , I've been running
Magic Pen boots
Dorans Ring
RoA (rushing this items asap since I have the feeling of being so weak without it).

Void Staff
I really like the Deathfire Grasp to. Really good AP , CDreduction seems to be OP on gragas, and a nice active on top of that.

I've read 3 good guides on and they all have different items.
So I was wondering what's your thought on mine ?