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I've been having these bugsplat errors since before the Thresh patch. Infact since before the Nerf patch of Riven, lee sin, etc. nearly 2 months. I've tried everything to fix it, reinstalled legit 7 times, repaired 4 times, updated all graphics Drivers, Updated Directx, updated Windows installation process's. Honestly everything that could be the problem i've tried to correct and the problem still exists to occur. i've been banned 4 times due to this error (banned now as we speak). my problem is, the bugsplat occurs randomly, i don't get it back to back. i can play normals, i can play customs, i can play ranked. they work fine for a few games, and then instant bugsplat error and my account ends up screwed out of league for a few days due to auto-leaver detecter.
Last night, i just got back from my cousins house after staying there for a week. everything seemed fine. I update the new Season 3 ranked Patch, Play 1 game of ranked. works fine, play another game, works fine, Play a third game, bugsplat**, tried to reconnect in intime, made it with about 10 minutes on clock. play and everythings fine. once the game ends.. i get a message that i'm banned.. Again.. so now i have an unfixable Client issue, and i'm banned because Riot has failed to post any new fixes or failed to Even respond to the issue.