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Shield Comp, Viable?

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SGS often ran a shield composition in season 2. Here's a link to the only Vod I could find, you could sift through the garena Vods if you are serious about this team composition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yiUySnZvnQ

I'm a big SGS fan and I've seen them run different variations. Here are the options I remember.
Top: Shen, Jax (Built pure damage and relied on team coordination with shields, Lulu ult and jax's e combined shut down the team instantly.)
Jungle: Jarvan (For armor aura on E and his shield)
Mid: Karma or Janna
Ad: Urgot (Synergies great with taric)
Support: Lulu or Taric (Taric and J4 right now is strong just watch curse smash the LCS with it)

From what I saw of SGS they used it to dive turrets or to boast one champion (Jax) who lacked defensive stats. Jax did take GA if I remember correctly. Definitely one of my favorite strategies best of luck!