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Skin options

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I'm not really sure if this fits better here or elsewhere but since it refers to skins and art then this seems the best fit. Recently with the growing argument of 'this skin is too sexy' or 'I don't like this skin for X reason', would it be possible to have an option to hide skins and only display the default skins for champions. Obviously I have no idea how their system works in loading skins and models but I at least think it would calm some of the problems since people would have the option to not view them and open up the art department to further explore multiple avenues of creativity without worrying it may fracture the community with heated arguments.

Ideally it would let you check off skins you wouldn't want to see, but if it was all encompassing except maybe skins you use personally I think that would work too. If people don't like the base skin, well there is no pleasing everyone.