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How can I improve my ranked skills?

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I played this game for a while now, or lets say since the beta. At season 1 I reached about 1400+ Elo and I felt very comfortable in this Elo range. In season 2 I only played a few team matches cause I didnt have enough time for solo ranked. Now I started season 3 pre Division patch with a placement of 1353, after that I duo queued with a friend and we got down to 1172 at least =/

With the new divisions I got set into Silver V which is fair cause my recent ranked matches were really bad, not just my mates, I did some **** moves too =/

But now I want to get higher again but I feel like im not ready yet, the meta has changed so often and people really hate passive/safe play (which I really like) but with their super aggressive playstyle they are forcing me often enough to overextend, which ends up dieing really fast...

Would be nice if you would have some hints for me