Irelia Itemization

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I've been playing Irelia through my Dom career fairly consistently and I've got a pretty good grasp on her, but I'm still trying to figure out between the AD/AS shifts in the store and itemization options how to build her.

My build usually ends up something like Boots - Triforce - Cleaver - FH/Randuin - Sanguine - Maw in absolutely no particular order with Odyn's, Zephyr, Thornmail, Wit's End, Ghostblade, and LW all making guest appearances. Start is always Boots/Pros/Pots, no exceptions, and Phage/Brutalizer are grabbed first equally as often but both are almost always grabbed before other items unless I base/die with enough gold to get a Sheen whole. Triforce is usually finished first because of how much gold I have to sink into it and because the components clog up inventory space otherwise, but unless the game is going way in my team's favour I rarely finish it without all or most of my slots are filled with components. Cleaver usually comes next and from there I gear solely based on what damage intake is a problem: Chain Vest and NMM/Hex are picked up as soon as necessary and finished when either I need the stat on the finished item or I don't have anything else left to buy.

I don't go AS because she has a low cooldown ultimate with a 2.4 AD (I vaguely remember Khazix Q having that ratio on a 2-3s CD. Lul.) ratio and Bladesurge is spammable with some CDR. Armor is less popular now, AS is worse, and her AD options are better than they were previously, so I don't see why I shouldn't shift towards damage especially because short of health stacking (pointless against Torch spam anyway) there isn't much point in defenses past one or two big MR/Armor items to keep from getting cut to zero against BC/LW or Torch/VS.


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Phage components and boots > Triforce > Ghostblade > Spirit Visage/Wits End > Grez/Lightbringer > Thornmail.

Hexdrinker good on AD caster, Irelia makes less use of it.
You're trying to play her as an AD caster when champions like Talon, Pantheon, Wukong, Jarvan, and Jax are superior in that aspect. You build cooldown, but above all you are an auto attacker.

You may want to consider health per level yellows and CDR blues. Her early game is really garbage unless you have a form of early CDR since you must spend 4k on a Triforce.

2.4 AD is just 0.6 broken up into four blades. It's nothing significant outside of being able to defend a point from a relatively safe distance as it doesn't actually heal or damage much unless you are aiming it successfully at 3+ enemies.

~300+ Irelia games in Dominion.