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Firewall Problems - Please Help

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i cant play league of legends because the firewall is on high in the router settings

i know this because i just got a new router and it used to work and my parents said its going to be on a high setting. They wont change it.

the error message is https://support.leagueoflegends.com/attachments/token/hf2vajrhlq5dpyl/?name=NewConnectionError.jpg

This message comes up after i have typed in my credentials and tried to log-in

no I don't have the password to change it
and yes i already have already tried "admin" or "administration"
the switch i have is a netgear JGS524
and the router that it connects to from there is a new billion router

I have tried this

i have also tried in the windows firewall settings

nether worked...

i have hear of a VPN that has helped some people but i can only seem to find ones that cost money, today i have searched the Internet far and wide for an answer

i would be very grateful for any help