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League points not showing after match and massive drops in LP after game

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So i been playing the new Ranks and have also been reading on the forums that its bugged but from my understanding i would like to know how after game it gets stuck at calculating league points and that's it..... i would then have to go to my profile just to see me drop 20-30 LP. I don't understand how that makes any sense especially considering how winning only grants 7-15 LP..... Take for instants my last game... I was at 89 LP before the game then we lost and now im at 62. How dose that make sense... why the horrendous drop ? The game before that i was at 72 so i gained 17 ... and lose 27 ? How the hell are you suppose to advance when you win less then what you lost.... I started to day ranked 7th in Silver Division 2 and now how dropped to Silver division 3 ... It also seems like matchmaking is giving me people WAY below my division making everything a gigantic terrible experience..... So please riot Explain to me whats going on and if there is a fix to this when is it going out i don't want to play ranked with such a indecisive system and is just randomly generating a number of LP to give you at the end of the game.

Really just want to know why its lagging after game and not showing how much LP i won/Lost.