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Should there be a ranked version of the Dominion game mode?

Yes there should be 10 90.91%
No, I don't think there should be 1 9.09%
I'm undecisive. (Please explain why or why not in thread) 0 0%
Yes, if there are adjustments. (explain further in thread) 0 0%
Voters 11 .

Why is there not a Ranked Dominion?

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Junior Member


I honestly have to ask, why is there not a ranked dominion? Even in its beta phase twisted treeline got a ranked mode.

Dominion is like a different game, but honestly is more complex than just kills and deaths alone. I feel like a ranked mode would help show some respect and competition for those that work well with a variety of teams or with a full team on the Crystal Scar.

What do you all think?

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Senior Member


Because Riot could care less about the dominion mode. At least, that's what it feels like.

Of course there should be ranked mode, that's how you would grow the game.