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Marishka, The Deadly Seducer

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Marishka, The Deadly Seducer

Passive (Lust) - Whenever Marishka fights, she seduces her enemies. Every 10 seconds she prepares a stack of lust, capping at one. Whenever she uses an ability it will taunt the enemy for one second and use a stack of lust.

Q (Searing Pain) - Marishka brutally slashes a target with demonic energy dealing damage to a single target and 75% of the damage to nearby enemies and slowing them.

W (Wicked Oath) - Marishka has mastered the art of killing.

Passive - Marishka gains bonus magic pen and movement speed.

Active - Marishka marks three nearest enemies dealing damage. Afterwards Marishka may target one of them and reappear at that target.

E (Manifest) - Marishka absorbs the soul of a target. The target takes damage and is marked for 3 seconds. If Marishka hits the target with a spell or a basic attack, she heals.

R (Dark Bonds) - Marishka releases three demonic orbs. Afterwards they seek and attach to the nearest enemy champion to Marishka and slows that champion while dealing magic damage each second as long as the orbs are attached.

The orbs can be removed with cleansing spells.