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[Champion Concept] Caine, The Condemned

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The Ciaran



Caine is a summoner Condemned by the Tribunal of the League to live in exile on the Fields of Justice.

The league has been around for what some would consider a lifetime. It has served as a way for those who seek glory to find it, for those who seek vengeance to gain it, and for those who seek glory to earn it. But what of those who seek chaos, that seek the ruination of the system? That is where Caine's career as a gifted summoner ends and his story begins. We all know of the Tribunal of what comes to those summoner's who break their oaths, but not all of us know what happens after, these punishments are shrouded in mystery unknown to no one except the condemned.

Caine is a disgraced summoner cast out of the order, he is sentenced to life in the very league he disgraced and forced to fight alongside champions whose lives he had toyed with. Whether it is redemption that drives him or hate that is a madness only he will know, but what is clear to everyone is that he wants out. His sentence is not the end for Caine, it is only the beginning.

Caine's appearance is similar to those of other summoners. He shares the traditional robes, while walking with the aid of a staff. In his other hand he carries with him the patched up remains of his orb. He bears the scars of his trials as well as the magical shackles that bind him to his fate. Though not physically strong he relies on his knowledge of the game to control the fields of justice.

Passive: Summoner's Wrath, Caine's shackles are tied to his life force forever binding him to the fields as long as he lives, however as he becomes closer to death these binds weaken allowing him to tap into his old power, upon receiving enough damage Caine's next ability becomes stronger.

Shackles of fate, Left broken Caine had to use what resources were available to him, which includes his shackles.
-Caine launches a skill shot that if it connects stuns the target as well as the closest enemy to the target for a brief time.
-If Caine's Passive is active the Shackle pulls the two targets together and slows them.

Promotion, Back in the old days summoner's could promote minions into a special type of caster minion that was stronger and harder to kill, Sadly The League has deamed the skill too powerful, luckily Caine is no longer bound to the league and now uses this to his advantage.
-Target minion becomes promoted dealing increased damage and gaining increased health. If cast on a champion the champion gains a temporary max health and damage buff
-If Caine's Passive is activated the target's attacks grant Caine a stacking buff to his own max health and damage

Crutch, Caine has not survived by staying in the front lines, with clever magic has found ways of keeping himself safe from harm while steal dealing with those in his way
-Caine plants his staff into the ground allowing it to charge, once reactivated the staff fires a bolt at the nearest champion or minion for magic damage. The amount of damage and depends upon how long the staff has been left charging.
- If Caine's Passive is active the bolt will also shred some of the target's magic resistance.

Caine's orb may not be strong enough to be able to send him home, but it can open portals at smaller distances.
-Caine's ult channels a portal between a point on the map and a directly in front of him, a allied champion can click the portal to activate it and move from one end of the portal to the other before consuming it.
-If his passive is active the portal once used or interrupted explodes dealing damage to enemies nearby.

Thank you for reading this concept, I hope you enjoyed the idea.