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First Problem I've ever had with LoL

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I've played the game for about a year now on the same computer with the same connection and have never had any issues downloading or installing patches. In fact, contrary to most, I've never had any lag or ping or connection issues with the game whatsoever.

I have Windows 7, I have no anti-virus software, my windows firewall is off, and my computer is set on DMZ (so that all ports are forwarded). I have ATT U-verse (FiberOptics) and have never had problems with my connection.

I've never had a virus or issue downloading anything, until today. The (320MB) patch was supposedly downloading at 10KBps. I checked my connection...downloading at 17MBps and uploading at 1.5MBps. Okay, lets see if my comp is no longer on DMZ, nope, still on DMZ. All my firewalls are still turned off. I tried repairing, turning off p2p and turning it back on again.

At the current rate, it said my patch would be done in approx. 20 hours.

I assumed there might be something bugged, so I uninstalled and have began installing a fresh copy. Now it says it will only take an hour to download the entire game.

My question then, is why the patch was downloading at 10KBps but the game is re-installing at 550KBps. Was this an issue with my game client? (The mere fact that I don't know what happened is killing me)