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[Champion Concept] Elda, the Disgruntled Cook

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Gnar Rango

Senior Member


Elda, a rather... oversized woman, along with her much smaller husband, were held as the best chefs in Demacia until a mistake cost them more than their job but their livelihood. The culprit? Teemo.

Night had come early and Elda had run out of a certain ingredient to complete their masterpiece... mushrooms. Rata, her husband, quickly hunted down anyone that had mushrooms to complete the dish and fate was not on his side as he made a deal with the small creature for a plentiful amount of his stock before rushing back and added them to the dish. The result was to be expected as the nobels immediately fell ill and some nearly died, holding the chefs responsible and firing them both on the spot. Holding her husband responsible, they both saw the little creature as their next dish to slice and dice...

Elda is a rather plus sized woman, whom always has her much smaller husband with her at all times, following her almost like a pet dog.

Original - Both in their chef uniforms, Elda carrying a large skillet pan, Rata with a cutting board.
Cat and Dog - Elda in a large Cat suit, Rata in a dog suit, complete with collar.
Opera - Elda in Viking Wear, Rata as the Conductor

Role: Support

Passive: High Tipper
For every minion killed near Elda, she gains 5% of the minions Hp as gold.
For every champion killed near Elda, she gains 10% of the champion's HP as gold.
If Elda kills a champion, she gains 20% of the champion's HP as gold.

Resource: Energy (200)
If at any point Elda reaches under 10 Energy she is stunned for 3 seconds while Rata cools her off. Cooking is hard work! Don't pressure the chef!

Q: Into the Pot! (40)
Type: Skill Shot
After seeing something or someone they want to add to their recipe, Elda tosses her pan out at a target and if it hits, Rata sticks to the target and damages them equal to 5% of their max HP. (8s Cooldown)

W: Needs More Spice! (50)
Type: AoE centralized around Elda (400 range)
Utilizing their amazing culinary expertise, Elda yells out for Rata to gather 'ingredients' from anyone within the AoE range, increasing movement speed of anyone caught in the AoE by 15% but burn for 15% of their current Hp. The damage can be negated by remaining still. (20s Cooldown)

E: Main Course! (80)
Type: Skill Shot
As a reminder to all those who sampled their dishes, Elda brings out the Main Course to her target. If it hits an Ally, their stats are temporarily boosted by 20% and regain 10% of their max HP over 5 seconds. If it hits an enemy, their stats are temporarily reduced by 20% and lose 10% of their max HP over 5 seconds. If no targets are hit, this skill costs an additional 40 energy. (For Rata to clean up the mess.)

R: And the Kitchen Sink! (100)
Type: AoE, Targetted (600 range)
Every good cook needs to clean up, but Rata takes it a step further, tossing a massive sink at a targetted location that will attempt to suck in nearby champions, slowing their movement speed by 80%. If any champions are caught in the middle of the targetted area after 4 seconds they are sucked into the center of the targetted area and lose 30% of their max HP over 5 seconds. (35s Cooldown)

The role of Elda is to provide a new type of support character that can help boost the allied team and debuff the enemy team through the use of various 'Chef-type' abilities, and while some of the abilities might seem a bit powerful initially, they're mainly for End game power while being softly toned to focus initially on helping allies in the Early/Mid game, and Elda coming into a powerful ally as Endgame begins. Just like a great meal, prepare early and you can make an incredibly feast! This is my first champion concept so any criticisms are appreciated.