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Can Someone Explain this new ranked system

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Master Bigdog

Junior Member


I realize i haven't given it much time to try to understand the ranked system. I got home today and decided to check it out.

My elo score was about 1240 give or take. Nothing to brag about but it seems like the new ELO HELL. I got to play 2 matches today and both games were trash the first game everyone insta locked and second game was a 4v5 due to a fail EZ feed at start and log off.

From what I had been told about the new system, we are supposed to play with people of our same caliber. I haven't alt F4'ed in a ranked match since season 1 and i cant tell u the last time i insta locked a champ. Needless to say two days ago this was a non issue...so WTF?!? We can't dodge matches when I'm are stuck with baddies.

Just wanted to give the dev team a big thanks for your hard work to **** this game over. GG