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@Riot - A Challenge! I will be your next Champion Design intern!

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Tybault Windsor

Senior Member


OUT OF DATE: Updated 7/29/13

Hi there! If you're looking at this now, you're probably wondering where I've been and when I plan on updating.

Have no fear!

Updates and fleshing out of these champions and more will be appearing on my Youtube channel!

Until then, feel free to enjoy our LoL podcasts and Veigar vlogs, and to peruse all the old stuff in this thread!

Please keep in mind, however, things and people evolve and change naturally, so please check the Youtube for the finalized versions of my champions as they come, as what's here is -definitely- not final.




Let's take a quick look at the internship requirements:

1. Be enrolled in a higher form of learning: Check.

2. Love League of Legends: Massive check. Like, video games and their strategy and philosophy is my -life-. I'm literally good at nothing else. Which brings me to...

3. Have done something awesome: .....Riiiight. Right. Umm...

Alright you caught me. I haven't made a game, or an app, nor do I have any experience whatsoever in coding, programming, or anything.

All I have to my name is a Youtube channel with 100 subscribers and a dream.
( http://www.youtube.com/HattTyMichy shameless plug.)

But you know what I DO have? Spunk! And creativity! And a -lot- of time on my hands.

And to prove that, I have designed this challenge for you, Rioters:

Do you like Magic: The Gathering? Of course you do! I do too!

I will, using the wonderful Magic Set Editor program, make you guys (check this) an -entire- original core set, as well as a complete block of cards.

That's a set of 200 cards!
Then three more 150-or-so card sets of all sorts of colors and combinations!
That's a table-flipping good deal!

The Challenge:

I will make four sets of cards, one core-based, the other a three-part series, all adhering not only to Riot and Wizard's policies on power and fun, but also completely and totally respecting the Magic universe.

The Objective:

A) Show I have lots of work ethic and creativity.

B) Show I can expand someone else's IP while giving it complete respect. And

C) Show my skills in creating, balancing, and maintaining fun to Riot's standards.

The Win Condition:

The Riot guys will print out these cards to their liking (or we can send you guys the cards ourselves), make their own decks, and have their own mini-tournament to see how they like the cards. (Draft, constructed, modern, standard, whatever you guys want.)

If they feel the cards are well-made, well-balanced, and -fun-, then they must accept me as their new intern.

If they feel the cards are not up to their standards, however, I will send them a check in the mail to pay for all the paper they wasted printing the cards, and I will apply the old-fashioned, boring way.

*Drops his glove*

What say you, Riot?! I have challenged thee!

TL:DR; I'm an idiot who's probably just bitten off more than he can chew. Enjoy the show! If you're a Red reading this, then please stop and scroll up and/or down. I've worked too hard to be tl;dr'd by you, Zileas.

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Tybault Windsor

Senior Member


Alright! Here's where I'm stockpiling the cards. I'll make a post every day with more cards, and each separate post will go into my thought process behind them.

But this post will be where I keep them -all-.


Goblin zombies who worship a sentient, all-consuming swamp. Lead by the shaman Kain, they are born for the sole purpose of dying to feed their deity land. All those seeking the power of the Bog are hereby forewarned - The Great Swamp does not give its power freely, but for the right price it has vast amounts of power to give. ALL BLACK CARDS ON PAGE 7!!!

White: A crusade across the multiverse lead by the angel warrior Valerica! She doles out justice and recruits any pure-hearted compatriots to join her cause for the greater good. Joining her are Drake, a knight-turned-Planeswalker, and Samael, a pure-hearted dragon given a purpose to live for. ALL WHITE CARDS ON PAGE 6!

Green: The Wilds are a welcome place to all those who love and respect nature. Those who disagree tend to be crushed rather quickly by angry treefolk. The Wilds are protected by a mysterious, magical aura known as the Aria that its denizens treat as a loving guardian and protector. Green on Page 7!!

Blue: Paradoxes. Paradoxes everywhere. Join Alloran, last of the Cephalids as he searches through the multiverse for a way to reverse time and bring his race back to greatness. However, some secrets of the universe are not meant to be known. Hold onto your wits, things are going to get Distorted. Blue on page 7!

Red: Xathros the Untameable, Lord of the Dragons. His greed is as unmatched as his power. He and his kin covet all of the artifacts in the multiverse to add to their ever-growing hoard. This is not simple draconian greed, however. They have learned of the power held within the shiny baubles and trinkets that Planeswalkers hold so dearly, and they will control it for themselves.

Part 2: The Planar Crusade

It has begun. The stage is set. Valerica's crusade begins its charge upon the Dismogg forces.

White/Red/Blue: Drake has been slain. The Planar Crusade is without its lead general and Planeswalker. Valerica has fallen to grief and has relinquished generalship to her remaining subordinates, Samael and Jeanne. However, these two have entirely different methods of running the army, and are at odds with each other with how to deal with the rising threat of the Dismogg and the newly risen Alloran the Plaguebringer.

Blue/Black/Green: Alloran has found the secret to gathering the power he needs to rewind time: The Bog.
Using the power that is unique in all the multiverse, he can bring back the kingdom of Cephalids and install himself as ruler, and using his vast knowledge of the future, possibly the entire multiverse.
However, first the Bog needs corpses. Lots of them. More than anyone could possibly imagine. An entire Planar Crusade, perhaps.
Join Alloran and Kain's coalition to forge a plague so powerful that it will wipe out all life that it can.

Stay tuned for more of the Planar Crusade!

Doing all the Mythics and set-defining cards of each color first, then going insane posting -everything-.

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Tybault Windsor

Senior Member


And before I get flamed in regards to making cards for a video game company, I'VE ALREADY THOUGHT OF THAT! HAH!

So this post I'll update weekly with a -champion- design as well as my daily cards!

WHAT?! Cards AND champions?! RIOT HIRE THIS MAN! (Pleasepleaseplease.)

All art by my good friend Michelle Aria. Find her here, where she does legitimately good stuff that isn't last minute: http://arimich.deviantart.com/

Week FOUR!

Lord, a whole month already?
Check page seven for Arianna and Timbre, the Chorus of the Wilds!


Check page six for Gil, Kingpin!


Check page four for Crisselle! The Void Butterfly!

Week 1:

Naka, the Packleader!

Naka is a melee AD carry, specifically focused on large teamfights.

I find it remiss that we have so few melee AD carries, further worsened by the lack of different playstyles between them.

Thus, I have made Naka! Have you ever wanted to lead your team to victory, ripping all your enemies asunder, trampling down all in your path with a mighty howl?!

Have you ever laughed in the face of danger or uncertain odds?

Have you ever stared down an entire enemy team on your own and smile knowing you were in the exact spot where you do your best work?

Then this may be the champion for you!

All of her skills scale based on the number of allies or enemies near you at the time. The bigger the fight, the brighter Naka shines!

Her skills:

Passive - War Hero - Naka and nearby allied champions gain 2% increased armor and magic resistance for each nearby allied champion.
(That means 8% armor and magic resistance increase for your whole team in a teamfight. Wow!)

Q - Glaive Flourish - Naka pounces on target enemy champion, then does a slash to each nearby enemy champion. These slashes can critically strike and apply on-hit effects.
(So if Naka jumps in to a whole team of enemy champions, they all pretty much die if she's got good gear).

W - Battle Howl - (Active) Naka and nearby allied champions gain flat movement speed for the duration. This movement speed is increased based on the number of nearby allied champions.
(Passive) Naka passively gains attack speed and movement speed.

E - Relentless Strikes - For a short duration, Naka's attacks increase her damage dealt to enemy champions by 1% for each nearby enemy champion. This stacks up to 5 times.
(That's 25% increased damage. Yeouch.)

R - Fang and Steel - Naka launches herself, dealing attack damage to enemy champions in a line. If she hits three or more enemy champions, the cooldown is refreshed.
This ability can critically strike and applies on-hit effects.
(I want her to be able to move extremely fast and apply damage really fast, but I don't want her to be able to escape from every situation easily. Thus, this ability was born.)

Backstory: Ionia is a place where martial prowess is as important as breathing. Dozens of powerful forms of martial arts rule the day, and those unskilled or untrained in these arts find themselves marginalized. This was much more true during the days of the Noxian invasion and occupation. When even the most masterful of the martial arts could not defend themselves against such tyranny, all hope was lost for those who could not defend themselves.

So, perhaps it wasn't so strange that one of Ionia's most renowned heroes during the Noxian war was one raised to defend themselves despite the odds.

The proud beasts of Ionia were suppressed for far too long under the iron rule of man and his weapons. No fangs or claws were enough to save themselves from the masters of the blade. And so, it was either by fate or chance that Naka, a runt of a wolf pup, should be the first of the beasts to defeat a hunter by using his own weapon against him - A spectacular blade at the end of a long shaft.

The beasts of Ionia took to the martial arts far faster than anyone could expect, with Naka being the most talented and profound beast combatant of her time. It was not long before the hunters stopped entering their forests altogether. The beasts wished to take the fight to the hunters, and began to mount their forces, with Naka as the unanimous leader of their war party.

This is when the beasts met their first Noxian hunting party.

The Noxians were prepared for Ionians with swords and armor, but nothing could have prepared them for the fury and the tactical prowess of Naka's wolf pack. Most of the Noxians were dead before they even realized they were under attack.

Learning of this powerful new force, the Ionian council turned to the beasts and asked for their alliance in defeating the Noxian invaders. Despite years of animosity between beast and man, the beasts understood that the Ionians only killed for necessity. Noxians killed for enjoyment. Any animosity still harbored by the beasts towards the Ionians has long since been spent on the Noxians, slaughtering countless at a time.

Now Naka, the greatest beast-warrior and tactician of her time has come to join the League to fight for her peoples' rights to live their lives not marginalized by the humans of Runeterra.

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Senior Member


I wanna see the creativity =D

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An impressive challenge. I wish you luck.

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Tybault Windsor

Senior Member


I wanna see the creativity =D


Sorry, wanted to make sure I got all my posts reserved before I wrestled with all of the pictures!

Also, I have no clue what order I should upload the cards in. -Probably- should've figured that out first.

Oh well, learning as we go!

I'm starting with a Mythic, a Rare, an Uncommon, and a Common. All Black.

I'm starting with these in particular because I wanted to explore Black and its relationship to Swamps. So I designed a species that revolves around worshiping a sentient Swamp. Meet the Dismogg! Goblin zombies who absolutely love to die.

I also threw in some random usual Black creatures like vampires so no one feels too marginalized in the Core set. Yanno, all the retro black players who prefer life loss and discarding.

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Senior Member


Dude. You clearly want this in a bad way. You have my upvotes, and my support. I wish you the best of luck, can't wait to see the finished products!

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Tybault Windsor

Senior Member


Dude. You clearly want this in a bad way. You have my upvotes, and my support. I wish you the best of luck, can't wait to see the finished products!

I'm currently flipping out in excitement. I expected to be downvoted to the forum underworld by now. xD

Thank you!

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Senior Member


Dat Naka Q is OP.

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Tybault Windsor

Senior Member


Dat Naka Q is OP.

Don't bunch up!