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Game Crashes with 600mb patch to welcome me back

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Hi guys,

So I've just patched Season 3 this morning & have played several games of both Ranked & Normal.
I just started another ranked & the game just crashed while I was on the loading screen with no error or message.
Figured it happens from time to time & decided to re-log.
When I got the the News/Patching screen, it said I had 600mb worth of data to download.

The data that began to be downloaded first was splash art, which I assure you, has not been deleted.
I am not only unable to download that amount of data before the game will end, but because I have LoL on my SSD, it doesn't even have enough room leftover to fit another 600mb being on the same Drive as my Operating System.
It's now reached a point where I don't have any remaining space available & won't download any further.

This is going to result in a loss, likely 9 reports, hopefully not a ban, & an issue I don't know how to fix.
Perhaps I can re-download & install the whole game anew on my 2nd non-SSD drive, but that's hardly fixing the original issue.

I have some print screens I would love to attach though it's my first time posting & they keep getting rejected. Could be because my default drive has no space & can't handle the transfer? Will try again later.

Any ideas?